Standard Huckabuy Cloud Onboarding

Standard Huckabuy Cloud Onboarding

This article is meant to give some transparency around what causes some brief downtime when onboarding to Huckabuy Cloud. It will also set some expectations around what will happen once you make the DNS change to point to Cloudflare.

What happens after you make the DNS change?

The first thing that will happen once you make a DNS change is “propagation”. DNS propagation is the time required for DNS servers worldwide to update their cached information for a domain name. Once that happens, the website you are onboarding will now serve through Cloudflare. This is the point where downtime will occur. Once the DNS is propagated, Cloudflare must issue the SSL certificate. This usually takes 10-15 minutes. During this time, users will usually see an error from their browser indicating that the website they are visiting is not secure. Once the SSL certificate is successfully issued, the website will serve normally to users once again.

How long will it take for your site to be fully live after you make the DNS change?

There are two aspects to how long it will take for your site to be fully live after the DNS change. One is DNS propagation (explained above in a bit more detail). This part is less predictable and depends on things like the TTL (time to live) that was set for that record. Higher TTL means the various servers caching that DNS record will cache it for a longer period of time. Registrars typically process DNS changes within 6 hours. After that, it’s a matter of Cloudflare issuing an SSL certificate which takes 10-15 minutes. So it is safe to say you can expect your site to be fully onboarded in 6 hours with only 10-15 minutes of downtime.

What happens once this process is complete?

Once that full process explained above is complete, your website will be live on Huckabuy Cloud. The best way to check up on it’s progress is by refreshing you onboarding page. Once your site is finally live, the onboarding page will give you a success message. At this point, you can verify that your site is serving as normal. If for any reason, you discover a possible issue, you will always have the option to “pause” Huckabuy Cloud. This will shut off Huckabuy Cloud and route requests directly to your origin without having to revert any DNS changes. The pause toggle can be found on the onboarding page or the Huckabuy Cloud page of the Huckabuy Dashboard.