Structured data is a machine-to-machine language that lets websites talk authoritatively to search engines. Instead of having to rely on crawling complex HTML, JavaScript, and other web languages, you can now simply talk directly to them.

Huckabuy’s SEO Cloud creates “Google’s perfect world” on your website. This includes flat HTML, structured data, and super fast page speed for both desktop and mobile (AMP). Bots can get everything they want, quickly and efficiently. This is a cutting-edge product developed by only Huckabuy.
We’re able to deliver our solutions through a software integration, rather than a services-based SEO project like you may engage an agency for. Our tools are automated, and only require one-time installation that’s similar to installing a Google Analytics tag.
Our code will not interfere with any of your current digital efforts. We’ve passed code reviews at Fortune 500 companies like Salesforce and SAP, so you can be confident that our products are 100% safe.
A: Google’s algorithm updates dictate the evolution of SEO. Therefore, it makes sense to optimize your website for their search bots. Currently, Google leverages structured data to understand website content and solve for user intent in search results. Websites powered by structured data are rewarded by Google with added features and real estate on search result pages.
A: Rich results are a new organic search experience from Google that maximizes website visibility with more actionable, appealing, and detailed information in search results. Rich results include features like aggregate rating, price, and knowledge panel improvements that demonstrate relevance to a search query.
A: Because they are more functional and visually engaging, rich results direct more qualified users to your site and lead to increases in total clicks, click through rates, and impressions. Rich results also appear prominently among the first offerings on search result pages and work seamlessly with desktop, mobile, and voice searches.
A: Structured data qualifies your website for rich results. It is the reward for helping Google understand your content. Contact Huckabuy today to see how your website can be optimized for rich results.

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