Frequently Asked Questions

Why does structured data markup matter?

If your team takes search traffic seriously, then structured data markup matters. Markup gives clarity and specificity about your site to search engines in a language they prefer. More specificity and clarity = higher rankings. Higher rankings = more traffic. Huckabuy simply provides the tools and expertise to make it easy for your team to integrate markup.

Why is Huckabuy's solution so easy? What’s the catch?

Our team has been working with structured data markup for over a decade. Early on, our engineers recognized that: 1. Most companies don’t have the time and resources to tackle structured data markup. 2. Most “SEO Experts” don’t deploy markup correctly. If markup is deployed correctly, your website will be rewarded. If markup is deployed incorrectly, you’ll be penalized. We knew that if we could create a platform that was not only easy to use, but ensured that data markup was properly deployed, everyone would win. With this in mind, we created Huckabuy. With our platform, deploying markup is as easy as installing Google Analytics. Although this may seem overly simplistic, it took us years of research and countless man-hours to perfect it. We’re proud of the results.

How will Huckabuy fit into what I’m already doing?

The beauty of Huckabuy is that it is a simple line of code that doesn’t require ongoing development resources to maintain, nor does it impact any other SEO/SEM work already being done. Many of our clients use Huckabuy in concert with their current agency or internal team, and the tool gives an added boost to an already healthy SEO/SEM strategy. For example, the styling of HuckNews is completely malleable through CSS (Cascading Styling Sheets.) We can also make desired changes on our end if the client doesn’t have the resources or desire to do it. This allows our clients to quickly implement Hucknews without having to do a redesign of key pages.

See what Huckabuy can do for your business.

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