What is HuckNews?

Adding timely, relevant content to your site can dramatically boost search results. Huckabuy created HuckNews, a content curation tool, to alleviate the burden of generating original, authoritative content for your site.

Simply choose relevant online content, add your unique insight, and post it via HuckNews to your website.

Keeping your website fresh has never been easier.

Here’s how HuckNews works:

Step 1

Find existing online content (articles, images, video, social media posts) that are relevant to your business.

Step 2

Write a short, one paragraph, commentary about the content you found.

Step 3

Post the content, via HuckNews, to your site. Structured data markup is automatically added to your post to improve search results.

HuckNews Examples:

Closeup Example:

HuckNews can significantly reduce the time that your internal staff or external agency spends on content creation. If you can share a post on Facebook, you can use HuckNews. It’s that easy.

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