Power your website by making effective use of tagging methods native to search engine crawlers.


It’s our secret sauce. And it’s simple to use.

Structured Data Markup is a language between websites and search engines. It tells search engines precisely what your website is all about. This is not an SEO trick. It’s continuous, authoritative communication that can dramatically improve your SEO results. Better yet, our solution requires no ongoing development from your staff. 

Drop the code on your site and watch it go to work. 

We told you it was simple.


Proprietary Software. World-Class Expertise.

Semantic markup must be implemented correctly or it will do more harm than good. Huckabuy is one of the few companies in the world who can do it right.

Easily Deployed With Minimal Maintenance.

Huckabuy markup is easy to install, and requires no oversight by your staff. If you can install Google Analytics, then you can install Huckabuy semantic markup.

The World’s Only Automated Solution.

Huckabuy semantic markup is fully automated. Markup automation removes human error, ensuring the work is done correctly.

HTML On Steroids. Always Learning.

Our code translates your HTML to help search engines find the information they want. Search engines now clearly and unambiguously understand the business purpose of each page within your site. 

See what Huckabuy can do for your business.

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