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A Different Kind Of Company

Huckabuy is the brainchild of Geoff Atkinson, the former Senior Vice President of Marketing and Analytics at Overstock.com. Of all the things that Geoff did at Overstock, SEO had a special place in his heart. The ROI for SEO was far beyond any other channel. After Overstock, Geoff applied his learnings to build a product that could share his intellectual property at scale, with companies all over the world.

A Different Kind Of Software

Huckabuy takes a different approach to software

Google moves at a rapid pace, constantly improving its algorithms. The problem with most Search Engine Optimizers is that they are purely reactionary – chasing after updates and making changes based on guessing and checking. Huckabuy is committed to a proactive approach, watching Google’s trajectory and planning ahead for the future.

Huckabuy has thousands of conversations with Google each day (through structured data) so we know when things change. We react in real-time by altering your website’s structured data based on our findings.

A Different Location

We are located in beautiful Park City, UT and find that to be an advantage. Clients like to visit us! Our team is comprised of outdoor enthusiasts who have a passion for building groundbreaking products when they’re indoors.

A Different Kind Of Name

Huckabuy Navy Logo

Huckabuy is named after Geoff Atkinson’s nephew, Huck.

While Geoff was creating our first product, he went to visit family in Boston. While he was sitting on his sister’s couch, searching for a name to call his new company, Huck walked in, and his mother called him “Huckabuy”, a nickname she often used. 

A lightbulb went off for Geoff, who purchased the domain huckabuy.com immediately. After extensive market research and a slew of other proposed names, it was clear that Huckabuy was a fan favorite.

A Different Board

Image of Geoff Atkinson

Geoff Atkinson

Founder & CEO

Robson Grieve Image

Robson Grieve

Board Member

In addition to serving on Huckabuy’s board, Robson serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Pure Storage where he is responsible for creating and advancing the company’s global marketing strategy and strengthening their market recognition to accelerate revenue growth. He brings deep experience with SaaS business models and in partnering with public cloud leaders.

In his 20+ year career, Robson has held senior positions across all aspects of marketing, most recently as CMO at software analytics company New Relic where he led strategy, planning, and execution to deliver growth at scale. Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President and CMO at Citrix as well as Executive Vice President of Global Marketing and Customer Experience at Concur, which was acquired by SAP in 2014.

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