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Why does Huckabuy work so well for B2B software websites?

B2B software websites are not typically organized for the optimal crawling experience of a Google Search Bot. In fact, most basic SEO principles go out the window. What you would expect is structure, navigation, categories, and descriptions that reflect the target market’s search intent. Instead, navigation is often non-intuitive and pages and descriptions are laden with internal jargon. The format and content just don’t lend themselves to understanding the business, what the products do, and how they integrate together. Therefore, Search Bots have trouble interpreting, crawling, and indexing their pages. 

If you take an SAP or any B2B software player, all the structure that you see in a B2C site typically goes out the window. The sites are not organized in a way that lend themselves to a Search Bot understanding the business. So when you layer structured data on top of that, it really moves the needle.

Huckabuy’s SEO software platform allows these websites to authoritatively communicate everything the Search Bot needs to know about the business in an efficient manner. In this way, Google knows whether it’s crawling a section on software applications, ratings and reviews, pricing, and so forth. This method influences Google’s knowledge graph so that it can make important connections in a complex environment and build a strong organic search profile for software businesses.

We have noticed over time how Huckabuy software and services move the needle most dramatically for software companies engaged in B2B marketing. When you add structured data and the SEO Cloud to a complicated and technical site, new keyword associations are formed, impressions and clicks go up, and rankings are improved. Google is finally able to crawl and understand everything about your website.

Why should B2B software companies adopt SEO earlier in their life cycles?

B2B software companies seem to arrive at SEO later in their life-cycles, despite the fact that SEO drives sustainable, long-term sales pipeline growth. Huckabuy aims to reverse this trend. In our experience, B2B websites designed for SEO convert better than anything else drawn up for the user experience. This is because they are built with site navigation, keywords, content, and a layer of structured data that the target market wants and Google understands. This strategy helps B2B software companies make more long-tail, high-conversion keyword associations that help them capture more of that previously-elusive organic search traffic. 

Huckabuy Software Solutions

The technical conversation between websites and search engines is increasingly important for SEO. In fact, if you aren’t having the right conversation with the Google Search Bot, nothing else matters. Huckabuy software solutions, including our automated structured data and SEO Cloud, facilitate the most fundamental and optimal conversation your website can have with this Search Bot. With the right conversation, it crawls and understands your content fully, makes new keyword associations, and raises your visibility and ranking in the organic search channel.

B2B Software Companies Using Huckabuy’s SEO Marketing Solution

Over 60% of Huckabuy’s customer base is comprised of small and large B2B software companies. 

Here are just a few that are growing their sales pipelines in organic search with our software products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

B2B (business to business) marketing targets businesses or organizations, rather than individual consumers. A B2B company is one whose customers are other businesses.

B2B SEO is the art and science of reaching key decision-makers in your target market via search engines. 

Most B2B customers begin their customer journey with a Google search. Therefore, it is essential to have an SEO strategy that positions your brand higher and more frequently into search results that match various steps of that journey and capture highly qualified traffic from the top, middle, or bottom of the funnel.

B2B marketing has a more detailed buying process than B2C marketing because there are more stakeholders engaged in the process, more information gathering going on, more narrow markets to sell to, more complex products and services, more costly deals, and larger ordering scales among other factors. In general, B2B has longer sales cycles and higher prices than B2C. B2B SEO is more focused on generating sales leads from the website because of these longer sales cycles. 


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