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Don’t delay your investment in organic channel growth.

Why delay SEO success?

One of the most common questions we hear from customers during the sales and onboarding process is whether or not they should delay the implementation of our software until after they have completed a redesign of their website. Our advice is simple: the easiest way to harness valuable SEO wins is to implement our software immediately. Here are the reasons why.

#1 Establish the optimal technical conversation with Google

You would never build a house before constructing the foundation. It’s the same way with search engine optimization. Establishing the underlying technical conversation with Google at the outset of any SEO campaign should be considered independent of any full-scale design changes. If you dial-in this component first, any new user experience initiatives optimized for SEO are going to perform better. Essentially, you are establishing best practices that are transferable to the next generation of your website.

#2 Avoid the long and deep dip of traffic and revenue

Site-wide redesigns can hurt your online presence when they aren’t properly planned out. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for marketing teams to disregard SEO during this phase. A redesign doesn’t have to be the dark ages for your organic search channel! You can still maintain and actually increase traffic to your current website during this process. Huckabuy software services deliver immediate enhancements and generate continuous SEO wins so that organic search remains a growing channel while the new version of your website is being prepared. 

#3 The implementation process is easy

We have designed our software services to be incredibly easy to deploy. Even if you are in the midst of a redesign process, the implementation effort is minimal so you can continue focusing on the project at hand. Furthermore, when your redesign is finished, the implementation process remains the same and the SEO investments are fully transferable. Our Automated Structured Data service can be implemented site wide via Google Tag Manager in minutes and our SEO Cloud service – powered by Cloudflare – can take as little effort as changing a DNS entry.

#4 Involve technical SEO experts in your redesign process

Our first goal is to lay the technical foundation between your website and Google so you can harness the organic traffic you deserve. As part of our ongoing SaaS service, Huckabuy SEO Specialists also provide a deep-dive opportunity analysis of your current site to determine key optimization recommendations necessary to harness current (and easy) SEO wins, as well as offer advice on the structure and content of the future website. Don’t leave the SEO fate of your next website to a design firm that primarily focuses on the customer experience. Huckabuy can identify often-overlooked SEO elements such as demand-based navigation and strategic content placement to promote conversions that should be incorporated into the new site design and account for your number one visitor – the Google Search Bot.

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