Huckabuy Cloud

Introducing Our Technical SEO Software Platform

The Huckabuy Cloud – our technical SEO software platform – loads websites faster, improves search results, and increases organic traffic.

Over the last five years, we have monitored the search engine optimization landscape to create software products that deliver “Google’s Perfect World”. In this world, websites are built in flat HTML, contain world-class markup, and have fast page speed. Initiatives like dynamic rendering and structured data support this world and make it easier for Google to crawl, render, and index your website. The optimization process results in more search exposure and qualified traffic heading to your website. It’s that simple.

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My goal and the purpose of our company is to look at these macro trends and build best SEO software to solve the future of where they’re going.

Geoff Atkinson, Founder-CEO of Huckabuy

Huckabuy Software Products

Every software product we create is designed with performance-based SEO in mind. We don’t just do analysis and reporting. We leverage the initiatives that Google has explicitly endorsed for SEO and built products that can increase your ranking keywords, capture more organic impressions, and drive more qualified clicks to your website. 

No one else in the industry offers this suite of SEO products fully aligned with Google’s most important technical initiatives. We stay on top of this landscape so you don’t have to.

Automated Structured Data Markup

  • Authoritative communication with Search Bots so they understand your website
  • Qualification for rich results so you stand out in Google search
  • Fully automated software service with easy installation and no maintenance
  • Improve both individual page optimization and site optimization.

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Dynamic Rendering

  • Maintain a version of your website optimized for Search Bots
  • Maintain a version of your website optimized for the user experience
  • Installation is as easy as changing your DNS
  • Index more of your content marketing efforts

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Page Speed

  • Improve user and bot experiences without the help of developers
  • Increase your performance score 15-30 points
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase conversion rate

Learn more about our page speed product.

Huckabuy Can Help Companies Of All Sizes In Any Industry

Search is a zero-sum game. Moving up the rankings requires displacing your competitors. Our software products will give you a decisive edge on the competition, no matter who you’re up against.

Our target customer is anybody that’s interested in increasing their organic search traffic. They range from SaaS to e-commerce, travel, insurance, and nonprofits.

Most websites aren’t fully optimized today for a search engine to come and understand them. They don’t have a technical SEO strategy. We solve that communication problem.

ROI for the Average Huckabuy Customer after 12 months

Huckabuy customers experience exponential organic search channel growth:

  • 84% increase in ranking organic keywords
  • 101% increase in organic impressions
  • 62% increase in organic clicks

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