Finally an honest and effective SEO solution.
No gimmicks. No tricks. Just results.

“SEO” has a credibility problem. No wonder. For years executives have poured time, money and energy into SEO with very little to show for it. Sound familiar? At Huckabuy, we’ve developed a software platform that can dramatically change your business. It’s easy to use and gets results. There’s nothing else like it.

our solution: one platform. four features. unlimited potential.

Automated Semantic Markup.
We’ve built the world’s only Automated Semantic Markup solution. What is Semantic Markup? Semantic Markup is a language that facilitates machine to machine learning between websites and search engines like Google. Traditionally, search engines have relied on imperfect methods/signals to understand website content. Semantic markup has changed the game. Using Semantic Markup, you can now authoritatively tell them what your website is all about. Simply install our code and watch it go to work.
AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages." How does it work? Google and others create caches for your mobile pages. The caching accelerates mobile page load time. What are the benefits? Better user experience. Better Search Performance. Higher conversion rates. It makes pages fast and fast pages help with purchase conversions. Google likes it.
Google now has a real-time search index. Websites that regularly add content stand to benefit. Imagine having a news feed of relevant, fresh, quality content pumping through every important page on your site. That’s HuckNews. If you can post to Facebook, you can post to your own site with HuckNews. HuckNews is a content curation tool that alleviates the burden of generating original content – keeping your site fresh and ranking high.
We’re not an Agency, our technical SEO services and expertise are included. We have been on the front lines of SEO since the beginning. Our CEO built’s SEO channel from $0 to $300m. We’ve done this before with extreme success. Get ready!

“On average, our clients experience SEO traffic growth of 153%.”

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