What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is the lifeblood of organic search; it provides data on what the audience of your product or service are searching for on the internet to allow you to utilize these keywords within your site to improve search visibility and organic performance. To learn more about keyword research check out our Knowledge Base Keyword Research article. 

What is included in this deliverable? 

One of the Support Engineers will conduct the keyword research for your site and provide a list of  keywords via excel spreadsheet or google sheet.  Alongside the keywords, their monthly search volume and keyword difficulty score will be provided. 

When is the best time to order this deliverable? 

This deliverable is great to order when you haven’t conducted research in a while, if you are looking to publish new content topics and need a greater understanding of high performing keywords, you are looking for new opportunities to capitalize on, or need to better understand nuances of your audience. 

What is needed to conduct this deliverable and when will this deliverable be received? 

It is requested that a customer supply a list of 20 keywords (seed list) either from previously conducted keyword research or general targeting list for our team to use as a benchmark. If a seed list is not supplied our team will conduct research based on a brief analysis of current keywords on site. It takes approximately eight (8) hours for one of our Support Engineers to conduct this audit and the completed deliverable can be expected within two business weeks after requested.