How Fast Is It?

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Huckabuy Cloud delivers an optimized and dynamically rendered version of your website at edge.

A website’s content is stored/cached at edge via content cache settings, eliminating the sourcing content from the origin. With edge delivery, access to servers in over 200 cities around the globe provides the fastest method of communicating with search engines.

Cloud’s optimized pages are then delivered within about 160 ms on average, enhancing page speed through compression and minification of content, drastically improving user experience. This content will be cached as directed by standard header directive and is updated regularly to expedite entry into the search engine index.

The need for speed is more important than ever at this day in age.

Studies have shown that visitors abandon a site/page that takes longer than two to three seconds to load, creating the need to serve a faster end-user experience. Huckabuy’s Page Speed enables features such as fold prioritization, image deferral, and bandwidth aggregation to increase site speed.

With bandwidth aggregation Javascript and CSS resources are delivered through a single origin, eliminating the need for scripts to be fetched from separate domains or hosts. Fold Prioritization ensures that the content that is displayed before users scroll down on your page is loaded faster, leading to quicker First Contentful Paint and Largest Contentful Paint performance metrics and providing a noticeably faster load experience for your customers.

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Oftentimes when analyzing site page speed with Google’s tools like Lighthouse or Page Speed Insights, “defer offscreen images” is called out as an optimization opportunity.

Through Page Speed’s Defer Media Content enhancement sites can defer images, iframes, and background images until the page has been scrolled to reveal the content. It can be configured across an entire site or leveraging page patterns to ensure the best optimizations are applied to different sections of your site depending on their layout and your existing performance considerations. Websites that leverage Huckabuy’s Page Speed have experienced an average of 15-30 point increase of Google’s page speed score.

Whether you are looking to push your Lighthouse Scores to a perfect 100 or looking to bring low scores up out of the red zone, Huckabuy can enhance your website delivery to improve performance without requiring your developers to write a single line of code.

By analyzing internet traffic to determine the optimal routing path across the global internet in real-time; Cloud optimizes traffic routing to avoid network congestion, enabling persistent TCP connections, and initiating enhanced caching.

Optimized routing has resulted in an average of a 35% decrease in latency, a 27% decrease in connection errors, and a 60% decrease in cache misses, and significant improvement in bandwidth usage, overall enhancing the user experience and your business.