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A Different Kind Of Company

Huckabuy is the brainchild of Geoff Atkinson, the former Senior Vice President of Marketing and Analytics at Of all the things Geoff did at Overstock, search engine optimization always had a special place in his heart. The return on investment for SEO was far beyond any channel. After Overstock, Geoff applied his learnings to build a product that could share his unique intellectual property at scale with companies of any size, all over the world.

A Different Approach To Software

Google moves at a rapid pace, constantly improving its algorithms. The problem with most search engine optimizers is they are purely reactionary – chasing after updates and making changes based on guessing and checking. Huckabuy is committed to a proactive approach, watching Google’s trajectory and planning ahead for the future. Huckabuy actually has thousands of conversations with Google each day (through structured data) so we know when things change. We react in real-time by altering your website’s structured data based on our findings.

Your website’s most important visitor is the Google Search Bot. At Huckabuy, we are constantly monitoring the landscape to create software solutions which deliver Google’s Perfect World and improve your organic search results. 

Structured data is the authoritative vocabulary that makes your website easier for search engines to understand. Huckabuy’s Automated Structured Data software provides continuous and effective optimization of your website through world-class markup in the JSON-LD format. No ongoing development is required from your staff. Search Bots reward this markup by qualifying content for increased visibility and rich results in search.

Dynamic rendering manages rapidly changing content and Javascript features by allowing businesses to present an unaffected, customer-facing website and an alternative, pre-rendered website for Search Bots. Huckabuy’s SEO Cloud software harnesses this technology by converting complex web pages into flat html and hosting them in a caching layer with structured data markup, so Search Bots can access, crawl, and understand content faster than ever before.

All Huckabuy customers are supported by a dedicated, experienced, and technically-proficient SEO Specialist. The SEO Specialist provides an opportunity analysis, strategic keyword research, and ongoing content strategy to optimize software performance. Think of the Specialist like a mechanic who monitors your website and our products to keep them both running in top form at all times. 

Frequently Ask Questions

A: It grows your organic search channel presence with technical, on-page, and off-page solutions to ensure your website contributes to the businesses’ bottomline. 

A: A good company differentiates your marketing from the competition, gets you discovered in new and target markets, generates more qualified leads for your business, and increases sales and revenue. 

A: A modern company is aligned with Google. A good one provides a combination of technical solutions like structured data markup and dynamic rendering, and traditional services from SEO Specialists like strategic keyword research for your businesses’ SEO. 

A: Yes, your business should hire a company if it does not have the expertise or resources to handle SEO in-house, and you prefer to focus more time and energy on core competencies.

Free Opportunity Analysis

A comprehensive audit of the technical and content elements of your website that impact organic search performance.

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