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Increase your impressions and click-through rates in search results by 25%

Our automated structured data markup qualifies your content for enhanced search result features that capture attention and drive more qualified organic traffic to your site. It takes 5 minutes to implement.

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Structured Data Benefits

  • Automate your structured data markup
  • Enhance your search rankings with rich results
  • Help Google understand your website
  • Boost your organic growth

The Importance of Structured Data Markup

As the internet has become more complex, Google has signaled their preference for website content to be marked up in a language called structured data.

Structured data helps search engines understand your content and improve your appearance in search results.

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Example of how structured data can help your website
An example of a rich search result

Benefits of Huckabuy Structured Data

Our software automates markup to grow your organic search channel.

  • Qualify content for 30+ rich results in the SERPs
  • Improve search appearance, real estate, and visibility
  • Increase ranking keywords, organic impressions, and organic clicks
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Understanding Structured Data

Speak the language of search engine robots.

  • Endorsed by Google
  • Helps search engines contextualize and understand content
  • Powers voice search and chatbot capabilities
  • Useful for On-SERP SEO strategy
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Robot graphic showing happy bot after reading structured data
Magnifying glass demonstrating content insights

How Huckabuy Structured Data Works

Our software requires no ongoing development from your staff. Just drop the snippet of Javascript code on your site and watch it go to work.

  • Eliminate costs of manual implementation
  • Eliminate risk of errors associated with manual implementation
  • Eliminate ongoing maintenance required to keep pace with Google updates
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