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The Importance of Structured Data

Google is the market leader in search and their algorithm dictates how much traffic your web pages receive. As the internet has become more complex, Google has signaled their preference for website content to be marked up in a language called structured data.

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Benefits of Huckabuy Structured Data

Our software grows your organic search channel.

  • Qualify content for 30+ rich results in the SERPs
  • Improve search appearance, real estate, and visibility
  • Increase ranking keywords, organic impressions, and organic clicks
  • Prepare content for voice search and chatbot capabilities
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Understanding Structured Data

It is the language of search engines.

  • Endorsed by Google
  • Helps search engines contextualize and understand content
  • Powers voice search and chatbot capabilities
  • Useful for On-SERP SEO strategy
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How Structured Data Works

Our software requires no ongoing development from your staff.
Just drop the snippet of Javascript code on your site and watch it go to work.

  • Eliminate costs of manual implementation
  • Eliminate risk of errors associated with manual implementation
  • Eliminate ongoing maintenance required to keep pace with Google updates
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