Is It Safe?

Security, a crucial component of infrastructure for all businesses, is provided ten-fold with built-in DDoS and WAF features. Huckabuy Cloud comes un-metered DDoS mitigation services at a network capacity of 51 Tbps, blocking threats and attacks of any size. Attacks can be identified and mitigated in under 3 seconds ensuring that legitimate traffic performance isn’t compromised, giving you protection and security peace of mind for your website. 

Additionally, Huckabuy Cloud provides your website with a Web Application Firewall (WAF) for further security. All requests to the WAF are inspected, while legitimate requests are  routed to the destination and any suspicious request will be blocked or challenged. With this advanced WAF you’re protected from malicious attacks without having to change your current infrastructure.

Huckabuy’s products perform without collecting any data. Because our products are specifically optimizing a site’s public content for Google, PII data is never collected. We never never interact with the cookies or data between you and your users.