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Search is a zero-sum game. Moving up the rankings requires displacing your competitors. Our software products will give you a decisive edge on the competition, no matter who you’re up against.

Our target customer is anybody that’s interested in increasing their organic search traffic. They range from SaaS to e-commerce, travel, insurance, and nonprofits.

Most websites aren’t fully optimized today for a search engine to come and understand them. They don’t have a technical SEO strategy. We solve that communication problem.

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Huckabuy Cloud Software

Huckabuy Cloud

Users and robots leave slow sites. Improve your page speed to increase revenue and rankings. Every millisecond counts.

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Huckabuy Cloud

Organic results are more competitive than ever. Make the best impression in search with our software.

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Huckabuy Cloud

Google misses a lot of your content. Make it easy for their search bots to crawl, render, and index your site.

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Customer Reviews

Structured Data

"Speedy SEO Success"

We had some very specific and aggressive SEO goals and Huckabuy helped us achieve those and a lot more in a very short period of time. We went from page 2 on Google to page 1 to the top ranking for one of our priority terms in a less than a month. We also saw a significant boost in overall organic search traffic as our rankings for a number of other terms improved. And we only halfway through our implementation process.

star star star star star
- Drew Neisser, Renegade

"Great Software That’s Driven Real Results"

Huckabuy's SEO products have helped us increase our search value and provide meaningful increases in web traffic to our site. We've found this tool to drive continued growth and help us acquire new customers with little manual intervention. We have a relatively small digital team so automation is incredibly valuable. This tool does the work for us.

star star star star star
- David DeMartini, POC

"Makes Markup Easy!"

Huckabuy makes all things structured markup insanely easy. No more working with dev teams to tweak itemprops or JSON to account for the most recent updates. One simple snippet of code and the Huckabuy team takes care of everything else.

star star star star star
- Nick LeRoy, SEO Consultant

"Game Changer!"

Huckabuy's structured data markup service qualified our content for rich features that improved the functionality and visibility of our search results. These features have helped us stand out from the rest of the pack, satisfy queries faster, and entice more visits to our website. As a result, the organic channel has really taken off for us. Comparing the last 6 months to the previous period, we have seen dramatic increase in clicks (106%), impressions (48%), and average click through rate (40%).

star star star star star
- Paul Garner, Drake Software

Huckabuy Cloud

"Excellent addition to SEO efforts"

It's basically an automated SEO tool - very little effort needed on your end - Note that this isn't the silver bullet for SEO, you still need to do a lot of the on-page stuff yourself (although Huckabuy does provide experts to help guide you in this), but technical things, particularly structured data it handles completely by itself. We've definitely seen positive results since implementing.

star star star star star
- Joel Goodson, Detego

"Huckabuy takes the reliance on individuals out and allows technology to be the hero of SEO."

It takes a smarter approach to SEO without reliance on individuals. Google's search engines are constantly changing and Huckabuy Cloud allows us to maximize the benefits from their algorithms with this software.

star star star star star
- SEO Consultant

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Huckabuy customers experience exponential organic search channel growth:

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The dashboard is your control panel, support desk, and insights window.
With the dashboard you’ll be able to:

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Huckabuy has expert support staff to answer customer questions and ensure that they have the best experience using our software. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions, and answered them in the articles below.

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