Edit your meta tags, descriptions and leverage keyword targeting at scale.
Boost SEO and improve keyword performance while using tried and true SEO methods enhanced with AI

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What you'll learn in this video

  • How to install AI SEO and connect Google Search Console
  • The user interface and layout of the product
  • An example showing HTML optimizations, FAQs and Articles
  • The end result after applying all page-level optimizations

Take Control of how Google views your site

Manually editing your metadata can take a great deal of time. Huckabuy's AI SEO is designed to revolutionize the way SEO professionals and agencies operate, AI SEO dramatically cuts down the time spent on keyword research and metadata optimization. Imagine the countless hours you could save as our advanced technology automatically identifies high-performing keywords that are already driving traffic to your pages and prepares pages to capture a greater volume. No more manual analysis and guesswork—our system delivers precise data and actionable insights, freeing you to focus on strategic growth.

Example of an unoptimized page in search results

SERPs before optimization

AI SEO not only identifies top keywords but also optimizes your HTML metadata with unparalleled precision. The traditional process of researching, testing, and implementing keyword strategies can take days, even weeks. With AI SEO, this entire workflow is streamlined into a matter of minutes. Our intelligent algorithms ensure your pages are always utilizing the best opportunity keywords, maximizing your organic traffic potential with minimal manual intervention. SEO agencies can now achieve more in less time, delivering faster results for their clients.

Why Use Metadata by AI SEO for SEO?

Metadata is a series of micro-communications between your site and processing systems like search engines.
Applying metadata to your website gives you more control over how Google crawls, indexes, and ranks your websites.

It is extremely important for SEO that target keywords be used in each page's meta titles, meta descriptions, and header tags. Historically, SEOs would need to conduct topic-specific keyword research, decide which keyword best fits a page, and manually write and publish them for each page within your CMS.

Huckabuy's AI SEO tool writes and publishes keyword-optimized page titles, descriptions, and H1 tags for all pages on your site. Additionally, SEOs can quickly generate and publish on-page FAQs and Article links with unique text descriptors written entirely with generative AI.

Example of an optimized page in search results

SERPs after optimization

Align the structure of your website with targeted keywords

AI SEO Dashboard Experience

Utilize a visual for the directory structure of your website combined with performance to focus on the top of the funnel and work your way down.

Customize your lookback window to target long and short term keyword trends and let AI generate content targeted directly to the audience persona that fits your company.

Take extra care as you select the best SEO opportunities to squeeze as much performance out of your top pages or process pages in bulk with our enterprise tools.

Select your perfect targeted message

AI SEO Dashboard Generation Interface

Empower your company's SEOs to scale their workflow and capture opportunities across your site. Huckabuy AI SEO allows you to accomplish keyword research and SEO updates in a single interface and also allows for custom prompting to help SEO generate content that best represents your brand.

Featured Benefits

  • Easily edit SEO titles, meta descriptions and page headings
  • Add SEO optimizations across your site in bulk
  • Leverage automated keyword research to improve CTR and position
  • Target additional keywords and further leverage your page content by asking and answering the questions of your audience
ai seo abstract graphic

Another standout feature of AI SEO is its ability to generate FAQs tailored to your page content. Understanding the questions your potential customers are asking is crucial for driving question-based keyword traffic. Our tool analyzes your content and produces relevant FAQs, providing immediate answers to common queries and enhancing your search visibility. This not only improves user experience but also boosts your rankings by addressing the needs of your audience more effectively than ever before.

Keeping your content fresh and relevant is key to maintaining a strong SEO performance. AI SEO assists in this process by identifying trending articles and related content that can be seamlessly integrated into your pages. This continuous infusion of fresh content not only keeps your pages up-to-date but also builds valuable links and industry comparisons, enhancing your site's authority and relevance. By automating this process, AI SEO ensures that your content strategy remains dynamic and competitive without the usual time-consuming efforts.

Embrace the future of SEO with Huckabuy’s AI SEO. By significantly reducing the time from keyword discovery to implementation, our product empowers SEO professionals and agencies to work smarter, not harder. Experience the freedom of having an automated, intelligent system that manages the intricacies of SEO, so you can dedicate your time to higher-level strategy and innovation. Achieve faster, more efficient results and watch your organic traffic soar with AI SEO.

seo improvements with meta data

Understanding Metadata

  • Endorsed by Google
  • Helps search engines contextualize and understand content
  • Provides information to your browser and other processing systems

How Huckabuy AI SEO Works

Our software requires no ongoing backend development from your team.
Just drop the snippet of Javascript code on your site to get started.

  • Eliminate costs of manual implementation
  • Eliminate risk of errors associated with manual implementation
  • Eliminate ongoing technical maintenance required

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