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    1. Competitive Opportunities How you stack up against your industry 2. Structured Data Opportunities How you can communicate better with Bots 3. Rich Results Opportunities How you can cover more real estate in search results 4. Dynamic Rendering Opportunities How you can improve your site’s crawlability 5. Page Speed Opportunities How you can make your site load faster


Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscape

We'll look at key metrics like domain authority, ranking keywords, and monthly traffic to show what it will take to win the organic search channel.

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Structured Data Opportunities

Structured Data Opportunities

We'll identify where you can use this markup to help search engines understand your web pages, match content with more relevant queries, and display more information in search results.

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Rich Result Opportunities

Structured Data Software

We'll identify which of the 30+ rich results you can leverage to improve the appearance, functionality, and visibility of your search results.

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Dynamic Rendering Opportunities

Dynamic Rendering Software

We'll show how you can leverage this initiative to get more of your website crawled and more of your content added to applicable search results in a timely manner.

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Page Speed Opportunities

Page Speed Software

We'll look at factors like image size, page weight, and hosting locations to show how you can improve loading times across the board, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversion rates.

"Huckabuy transformed organic search into our highest revenue-generating channel" - Tyler Weir, CMO @ 360 Blue

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What Is An Seo Analysis?

A traditional website SEO analysis — also known as an SEO audit — is the process of analyzing an entire website to find opportunities to improve your ranking potential in search engine results pages (SERPs). Some things you can learn from an SEO analysis include: where your site traffic is coming from, how you are performing for both on and off-page SEO, which keywords you’re ranking for, who your competitors are, where your competitors are ranking in search results, and whether or not you have any technical errors.

Huckabuy’s SEO analysis includes all the essentials of a traditional SEO analysis, but with a more technical focus. We'll help you understand how your site performs in search engine rankings and how it looks from a search engine's perspective. We’ll also identify opportunities for technical SEO improvements to your website — including loading speed, structured data, and rendering optimizations.

How Does Huckabuy's SEO Analysis Differ From All The Reports I Can Get On My Own From Free SEO Tools?

The Benefit Of Using Seo Tools

SEO tools like a website SEO checker can be very useful. They help you identify potential target keywords, missing meta tags, link-building opportunities, meta titles, broken links, and other SEO off-page and on-page optimization opportunities. Tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush also give you an overall SEO score and domain rating.

Benefits of Huckabuy's Competitive Landscape Analysis

When you book a website SEO analysis, one of Huckabuy's SEO Analysts will use SEO tools like Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, Screaming Frog, and Google Search Console to gather data on your website. We will then present this data to you and help you understand where you can improve your website and optimize it for search engines. This is the "competitive landscape" portion of the SEO analysis (step one). Here, you can ask us questions about this data to ensure that you have a solid understanding of the state of your SEO and how your site stacks up against competitors.

If you need further SEO services, we can refer you to a trusted SEO professional that can help you incorporate this data into your content strategy and plan SEO strategies on how you can boost existing content.

Benefits of Huckabuy's Technical Seo Analysis

We'll then take a look at your technical SEO. This includes the last three steps of the website analysis: structured data, dynamic rendering, and page speed opportunities. Here, we'll identify technical errors to solve and opportunities for code optimization that will help your website perform better in search results and be better understood by search engines.

Structured data helps search engines understand your content more effectively and efficiently. This helps Google rank your content for the appropriate search results and qualifies your content for rich results and voice search. We'll help you understand how your business can specifically benefit from our Structured Data software.

Dynamic Rendering is a solution to solve issues with search engine indexation and crawling. Many sites have great content that isn't added to search results — or takes too much time to be added to search results. Google doesn't add content to search results for a variety of reasons. One reason is because of issues executing Javascript. When a website's Javascript isn't executing correctly, or a website has an excessive amount of Javascript that calls in external libraries, Google can struggle to crawl and index your web page effectively. Another reason your site Google might not index your site is when your site takes forever to load. When your website loads slow Google is less efficient and won't index as many pages of your site. Finally, if there are issues with your hosting (hosting downtime) Google won't be able to access your content and they could miss pages of your site. These things can be solved by utilizing a CDN and delivering your website via dynamic rendering. In our site analysis, we'll identify whether your site has these technical SEO issues and if they can be solved with our Dynamic Rendering software.

Finally, we'll take a look at page speed issues and opportunities for improvement. Slow page speed affects both users and search engines, which means that page speed is an SEO problem AND a user experience problem. Google's algorithms rank fast, high performing websites higher in search results and fast websites convert visitors into customers better than slow sites. We'll help you understand where your website is underperforming and how we can improve your site loading speed with our Page Speed software.

Ultimately, the main goal of this analysis is to help you succeed in SEO. We won't recommend software that you don't need.

Help Search Engines Understand Your Content To Improve Search Engine Rankings

When you make it easy for search engines to understand your content they'll be more likely to rank your quality content in search engine results — It's that simple. Huckabuy is here to help you accomplish that.

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