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Geoff Atkinson


Geoff and Whitney quarantining in the west desert

Prior to Huckabuy, Geoff was the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Analytics at Overstock. At Overstock, he developed expertise in SEO and managed everything from pricing algorithms to content generation, to buying rain jackets in New York City’s garment district. In 2007, he was named on Advertising Age’s “Top 40 Under 40” list. Geoff now lives with his wife in Park City, Utah where he loves to ski, bike, play golf, and throw tennis balls for his dogs, James and June.


The organic search channel was a huge priority during Geoff’s time at Overstock. They were competing against the likes of Amazon and the stakes were incredibly high. After a year or so of disappointing results and critical time wasted working with agencies and consultants, they brought efforts in-house.

The first time Geoff heard about SEO, he remembers thinking, “Wow. You can just make technical changes to your site so that Google can understand it better, and then you get all of this free traffic? That sounds too good to be true.” But lo and behold, if you give Google what they want, they’ll send you a lot of traffic.

Geoff and his team did research and concluded that SEO was fundamentally a technical problem revolving around how well websites communicate with Google’s Search Bots. Armed with this thesis, they developed a strategy and deployed tactics like structured data markup that grew Overstock’s SEO channel from $0 to $300 million in a few short years, and, in the process, shaped the entire company’s strategy. It was a great run. After spending seven years at Overstock, Geoff realized he had an opportunity to improve the SEO industry as a whole and help large and small businesses in virtually every vertical achieve their own success. And that’s when he started Huckabuy.


Geoff has now been a guest on a long list of marketing, business, and SEO podcasts, including Search Engine Journal, The Digital Rage Podcast, Search Talk Live, and many more.

In this excerpt from the Yours In Marketing podcast, Geoff talks about the foundations of Huckabuy. Read the full transcript or listen to the full episode here.

I don’t really remember the exact moment that I came up with the idea, and my original idea was a terrible idea, which I think is actually a great lesson for entrepreneurs. You do have to be open to the fact that your brilliant idea might not have been so brilliant. But while pursuing that first idea, we had built some really cool sort of SEO automation technology, and people that knew about our company wanted to start licensing it, so I didn’t even really understand the value of a software company and the recurring revenue model and just how great that was. It was just the fastest path to revenue so we pivoted two and a half years ago, into this software business. And we were like alright, let’s build a structured data product. There’s nothing out there that’s good, it’s hard to do internally, it’s getting more and more complex and Google’s asking for more and more requirements. This is something that lends itself to being outsourced, and we came up with a really slick solution to do that. So that was our very first product. We have two products now, but our first product was built to automate world-class structured data for any given website, to do it as quickly as possible, and to maintain that on an ongoing basis. And the results were just great.

Geoff Atkinson

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