What is included in this deliverable? 

A review of a domain’s current navigation structure followed by a recommended and optimized navigation structure utilizing target keywords. Creating an optimized Navigation for your site will assist in bots better understanding of the site and improve keyword associations. 

When should this be ordered? 

 If your current navigation appears to be unclear to users and bots, it isn’t keyword focused, and/or the navigation category pages aren’t ranking for appropriate keywords. Or if you are looking to see if there is a better way to optimize your navigation that may have been missed. 

What is needed to conduct this deliverable and when will this deliverable be received? 

To conduct this deliverable our Support Engineers will need to be provided a list of keyword research from your team, if you don’t have a current list of keywords then it will require our team to conduct keyword research prior to completing navigation recommendations. It takes approximately four (4) hours for one of our Support Engineers to conduct this audit and the completed deliverable can be expected within two business weeks after requested.