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Google lighthouse Score

GLS is a point average calculated using several user-centric performance metrics to determine the overall performance score of your website. Having a high-performing site is a Google ranking factor.

Total Processing Time

TPT measures, in miliseconds, how long it takes your website to completely display for a search engine. Dynamic Rendering can decrease your TPT, which allows Google to crawl more content on your site in a given session.

Amount of Unique Text Content

UTC is the number of unique words that Google is able to find on a website. With dynamic rendering, Google is able to see more words which directly correlates with an increase in ranking keywords.

Amount of Unique Links

UL is the number of unique internal links Google is able to find on your website. Dynamic Rendering exposes Google to more unique links which will help them discover more content and better understand your website.

Your GLH Score

Huckabuy Optimized

Native GLH Score

Dynamic Rendering can improve your GLH Score.

Optimized GLH Score

Huckabuy CDN

This is how much your GLH score will increase with Huckabuy Dynamic Rendering.

Processing Time

Huckabuy Optimized

SEO Processing Time

Dynamic Rendering can decrease your TPT.

Optimized SEO PT

Huckabuy CDN

Increasing your page speed is a great way to increase SEO rank.

Unique Text

Huckabuy Optimized

Unique Text

Exposing more content helps search engines understand your website more accuretly.

Optimized UT

Huckabuy CDN

Exposing more content to Google is a great way to increase SEO rank.