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Global Google Performance Score

Dynamic rendering is the process of serving a client-side version of your site for users and a separate, server-side version for Search Bots

Total Processing Time

The Total Processing Time is a measurment of how long a standardized machine will need when processing your webpage for complete display.

Amount of Unique Text Content

With dynamic rendering, Google is able to see more content which provides the potential increase in ranking keywords, impressions and clicks.

Amount of Unique Links

Google crawls websites by following links, internal and external. Dynamic rendering provides the potential to expose Google to more links which will help them better understand your website.

Your GDP Score

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Native GGP Score

Google recommends incorporating dynamic rendering in at least three instances.

Optimized GGP Score

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Increasing your Google Global Processing speed is the quickest way to increase SEO rank.

Processing Time

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SEO Processing Time

Google has indicated page speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages.

Optimized SEO PT

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Increasing your page speed is a great way to increase SEO rank.

Unique Text

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Unique Text

Exposing more content helps search engines understand your website more accuretly.

Optimized UT

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Exposing more content to Google is a great way to increase SEO rank.