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How It Works


We Make Two Clones of Your Site

The Huckabuy engine creates two complete clones of your website. One of the clones is an exact copy, the other is optimized by Huckabuy.

Exact Clone

A copy of your website as it exists currently is uploaded to our CDN's for dynamic rendering analysis.

Huckabuy Optimized Clone

  • Each page is converted into flat HTML
  • World-class structured data markup is added
  • Content is hosted in caching layers for easy, instantaneous access
  • Served at the edge for the fastest, most efficent crawling experience

Upload To Huckabuy CDN's

Next we upload both of the clones to our CDN's for a side-by-side performance comparison.


Test & Compare Both Versions

We now have two ready for testing, one is an unmodifed clone and the other is a Huckabuy optimized clone.

We measure several key metrics to determine if Huckabuy's dynamic rendering is right for your business.

"We recieved a 62% increase in organic search traffic."

Valuable Insights

Huckabuy enables you to gain a deep understanding of your SEO rank, performance and potential.

In addition to the full report you'll recieve a tailored SEO analysis of your results by one of our search engineers.

Industry Leading Software

At Huckabuy, we are constantly monitoring the SEO landscape to create performance-based software solutions that deliver “Google’s Perfect World”.

Every software product and service we create is designed with the optimal Search Bot experience in mind.

Software Optimization

No one else in the industry offers this combination of software products and services fully aligned with Google’s most important technical SEO initiatives. We stay on top of this landscape so you don’t have to.

Understanding Structured Data

As the internet has grown more complex, Google has signaled their preference for website content to be marked up in a machine learning language called structured data. Huckabuy’s software addresses this technical initiative by providing automated, world-class markup in the JSON-LD format.