Have a question or need to order a SEO deliverable from Huckabuy’s support team? Fret not, contacting our team is simple and available to you 24/7. 

Submitting a Request 

Once you are in Huckabuy’s Knowledge Base and Support desk, submitting a request is as easy as clicking “Submit a Request” in the top right hand navigation on the Knowledge Base homepage. 

You will notice to the right of “Submit a Request” there is also an option to “Sign In”. To streamline and simplify your experience, there is no need to Sign In or create an account in order to contact us; merely submit a request to contact our team. 


Once you have selected “Submit a Request” the page will load a contact form. Please fill out the form fields with the appropriate information related to your request. If you have an documents or screenshots to supplement your request you can attach them at the bottom of the contact form. 


After filling out the contact form, click Submit. Our team of Support Engineers will receive your submission and we will follow up with you, requesting any additional information if necessary, to solve your request.