For both of Huckabuy’s Structured Data and Huckabuy Cloud products to work, the company must have access to the website’s Google Search Console data. Our product and team utilizes the data from Google Search Console to provide performance reporting and rendering. During on-boarding we recommend granting access as the first step so that rendering can begin as soon as possible. 

How to Add Huckabuy as a GSC User: 

  1. Log in to your Google Search Console account
  2. Choose the property that you will be utilizing.
  3. Click the Settings icon  in the navigation pane.
  4. Click Users & permissions.
  5. Click Add user and select the permissions to grant the user. Type the Google Account name [email protected]  to add the company as a new user. 
  6. Choose the permission level to grant access to Huckabuy.

Once these steps have been completed Huckabuy will have the appropriate access for our product and teams to work in.