The Huckabuy Dashboard makes it simple to purge the CDN cache for your whole website or for individual URLs. An example of when to purge a URL is if you have updated the content on a page and need the new content to be reflected and/or intend on pushing the new content to social channels.
To purge the CDN cache begin by logging into the Huckabuy Dashboard for your domain, from the dashboard home page click on Website Settings displayed in the left side navigation. Once in this view you will see “Purge CDN Cache” within the Tools section, this is where you can purge according to your website needs.

Clicking “Purge Everything” will purge the cache of your entire site. Adding individual URLs within the “Specific URL(s) to Purge” box will allow you to add up to 100 URLs for purging. Once individual URLs are added you can click “Purge Specific URLs” and those will be purged from the CDN cache.