Before starting the Huckabuy Cloud onboarding process, there are a few things to make sure are addressed in order to ensure Huckabuy Cloud will operate properly with your Website.

  1. Your server is properly configured to use `cache-control` headers to ensure important API endpoints will not be cached. We recommend this article by Cloudflare in order to understand the importance and specifics of `cache-control` headers
  2. If you are already using Cloudflare, you need to make sure your website is proxying traffic through Cloudflare.
  3. If you will be using the standard version of Huckabuy Cloud, confirm your origin server supports either http or https traffic.
  4. If you will be using the standard version of Huckabuy Cloud, your website must not be hosted at the root domain (i.e is NOT supported but is).

Onboarding Overview

The onboarding process depends on which version of Huckabuy Cloud you are using.

Premium (Full) 

The premium (full) version of Huckabuy Cloud requires that you update your Nameserver (NS) records within your domain provider (GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.). This will update your domain to use Huckabuy Cloud provided DNS nameservers.

Premium (Partial)

The premium (partial) version of Huckabuy Cloud will require you to enter a TXT record in order to prove ownership of your domain. The next step will then require you to add another DNS record for SSL verification.


The standard version of Huckabuy Cloud requires you to update your existing DNS records with a new CNAME provided by Huckabuy on the Huckabuy Cloud onboarding page. In order to generate this record, you will need to confirm your Origin Server address(es) and we will confirm they are properly configured.


The API version of Huckabuy Cloud is available to anyone who has a website already proxied through Cloudflare. If you have a website on Cloudflare, all you need to do is retrieve your Cloudflare credentials and then enter them when prompted on the API onboarding page. 

Common Issues


After going live on Huckabuy Cloud, my API endpoints are no longer working correctly, i.e my users can’t login

Huckabuy Cloud is caching your website’s content, which includes requests to your api endpoints. To remedy this, your origin server needs to use `cache-control` headers to inform Huckabuy’s services what it should and should not cache.

I am changing where I host my website, but it’s currently live on Huckabuy Cloud. What do I need to do in order to successfully transition and continue getting the benefits of Huckabuy Cloud?

If you have already completed the Huckabuy Cloud onboarding process and are currently live, and you will be migrating to a new hosting provider or server, you need to update your “Origin Settings”, which can be accessed at the bottom of your website’s Huckabuy Cloud page in the Huckabuy Dashboard. You’ll need to know the new origin address(es) before completing this step.

High TTL’s on DNS entries when on-boarding

When a DNS record is changed on the authoritative DNS. The rate at which the change is propagated is determined by its TTL setting. A short TTL helps update the system more quickly. A long TTL (4 hours) can cause issues while integrating with Huckabuy. We suggest that your DNS record is set to 3600 (1 hour) to avoid any potential issues while integrating with Huckabuy Cloud.


I’m seeing an “Invalid Permissions” error after adding my Cloudflare Credentials on the API onboarding page.

Huckabuy Cloud requires the “Global API Key” associated with your Cloudflare account in order to enable specific features (Workers, Page Rules, Firewall Rules) necessary for Huckabuy Cloud to function properly.


After I added the CNAME record provided via the Huckabuy Cloud onboarding page, my website went down. What is wrong and how can I restore it?

After updating the CNAME for your website, the new DNS record takes some time to propagate and this may lead to a temporary downtime of your website, but should only last 10-15minutes, after which, your website will be functioning properly and you’re now live on Huckabuy Cloud.

My paywall blocks pages from being viewed by non-registered users once they have viewed a set number of pages and I’m concerned that Huckabuy may be caching and serving to GoogleBot the blocked versions of these pages and thereby hurting my SEO efforts; should I be?

No, our render process does not store the session/cookie data that would result in the paywall-blocked versions of your pages being rendered. We do not serve up pages to GoogleBot that have no data or missing data as the result of a paywall.

I have recently disabled Cloudflare proxying and now when I try to access the Huckabuy dashboard I’m getting a message that tells me setup hasn’t been completed and prompts me to do so; what should I do? 

Go ahead and click the “Continue” button below the message displayed in the dashboard, you’ll be taken to a page that informs you that you are no longer proxying your site through Cloudflare (which is a requirement for Huckabuy Cloud to function properly) and provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the issue.