Using Huckabuy via Cloudflare’s API

API integration must be utilized for domains that have a paid Cloudflare account. With this integration version a customer retains direct access and management of their Cloudflare account.  Features include PageSpeed Settings, optimization of up to 10 million pages, and the option to only optimize a subset of URLs on Huckabuy Cloud. Additional features and customized configurations are provided by Cloudflare depending on the level of paid account. 

When integrating Cloud via API a Cloudflare Global API Token will be required to begin and complete setup. Upon receiving your website’s on-boarding link from a Huckabuy engineer you simply need to retrieve your Cloudflare credentials, listed below, and enter them when prompted on Huckabuy’s API onboarding page and save. If the credentials are incorrect a prompt will appear to verify the information is correct; once credentials are confirmed the next step is going live.  KV workers must be enabled on your Cloudflare account and Google Search Console access must be granted in order for Huckabuy Cloud to be installed correctly.

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