The Purge URL API endpoint gives your team the ability to purge a specific URL from Huckabuy’s Edge Cache locations. It can be requested with either a URL or an array of URLs in the request body. Each URL will be purged and subsequently re-rendered & cached.

It will NOT:

Example Use-cases

If you’ve recently deployed an update to a page and require that visitors see the latest version immediately, purging the cached version will remove any old versions from our edge-caches. This can be useful if you found a typo or deployed a hotfix for a CSS/JS error.

API Details

Endpoint URL:{URL}

HTTP Method:


Required Headers:

Name /typeDescription /example
Your Team’s API TokenDwZ05Ex2N8W34YqWkiKWgayk

Required Parameters:

Name /typeDescription /example
URL to Purge
Array [string]
URLs to Purge”urls” : [“”, “”] 

CURL (example)

curl "" \     -H "X-Auth-Token: DwZ05Ex2N8W34YqWkiKWgayk"

Response (example)

"success": true,
"message": "Successfully purged the URL:"