This integration method is great for customers already on a paid Cloudflare account that are leveraging Cloudflare workers for their own custom Edge logic. We get it, we think workers are an awesome tool as well and we want to make sure you can use Cloudflare’s products without sacrificing all of the cutting-edge things you are doing with Cloudflare Workers.

When integrating via this method we require you to have a paid Cloudflare Workers plan since this includes the Edge replicated database known as Workers KV that we utilize to deliver our products. Upon receiving your website’s on-boarding link from a Huckabuy engineer you simply need to download our Edge library and initialize it with the Activation Key provided with your on-boarding instructions. From here we provide code samples that show you how to pass requests to Huckabuy and how to test a request to see if it needs to be prioritized by our library if it is related to our internal API that keeps our products running on your site. The setup will walk you through deploying your updated Worker Script and will ensure that the CACHE and ANALYTICS KV namespaces are bound before you can begin configuring Page Speed or before Huckabuy Cloud begins optimizing your website with our Dynamic Rendering product.