What is a backlink audit?

An audit of one domain’s backlink profile, providing live, broken, and lost backlinks. This data is provided in an excel spreadsheet and lists the backlinks that a domain has acquired. Backlinks provide signals to search engines on how trustworthy and authoritative a site is, they influence a site’s domain rating. To learn more about backlinks and their impact on a domain check out our Backlink Profile article. 

When is the best time to order this deliverable? 

This provides the data necessary to understand how a current backlink profile is impacting the site’s domain rating and opportunities to improve it. If you are trying to find opportunities to acquire or disavow backlinks to better boost your domain rating and referral traffic you will want to understand what dofollow and nofollow links are being generated to your site from other domains. 

What is needed to conduct this deliverable and when will this deliverable be received? 

Our team will need the domain you would like the audit performed for, if you have multiple domains under contract, if not then this deliverable does not require any additional information or data from you prior to the Support Engineer team beginning the audit. It takes approximately four (4) hours for one of our Support Engineers to conduct this audit and the completed deliverable can be expected within two business weeks after requested.