What is general SEO Consultation? 

This provides to opportunity for a customer to conduct a meeting with one of Huckabuy’ Support Engineers/SEO Analysts for a thirty minute to 1 hour time period. After receiving your request on of our Support Engineers will provide a list of available meeting times and once decided they will send you a conference meeting link. 

 When would this service be needed? 

If you have previously ordered a SEO deliverable and need more guidance on how to analyze the data or understand it, a meeting would be a great thing to schedule. During this time one of our team members will review the deliverable with you and give more granular information on how to understand the data and use it. 

Another time to order general SEO consultation is if you aren’t able to locate the answer to a question in our Knowledge Base and want to be understand how your SEO performance is being impacted; perhaps you have a question or use case that you can’t solve on your own and would like a second set of eyes and expertise on the situation in particular, this meeting will help address those situations. 

What is needed to conduct this deliverable and when will this deliverable be received? 

In order to make the most of meeting time any information or data on the consultation/coaching topic would be useful for our team. Depending on how much time you request for the meeting and any pre-meeting analysis required, it takes approximately 30 minutes to one and a half hours. The meeting will occur within two weeks of your request.