What is the Link Building Tactics & Recommendations Deliverable and what is included?

A list of authoritative domains in your niche to conduct outreach and acquire a backlink from and recommendations on various tactics to implement in order to build and strengthen a domain’s backlink profile.

When is the best time to order this deliverable? 

If you are planning to conduct an outreach campaign to acquire new backlinks to boost your overall domain rating and need assistance finding some backlink opportunities as well as some tactics to employ to acquire backlinks.

What is needed to conduct this deliverable and when will this deliverable be received? 

This deliverable will require the domain you would like the deliverable provided for, in the case you have multiple domains contracted with Huckabuy; as well as ten (10) target keywords and three (3) competitor domains from you prior to the Support Engineer team beginning the audit. It takes approximately four (4) hours for one of our Support Engineers to conduct this audit and the completed deliverable can be expected within two business weeks after requested