Schema Object Types & Google’s Rich Result Types’s Vocabulary’s vocabulary currently (early June 2020) consists of 829 object types, 1,351 properties, and 339 Enumeration values; each object type is categorized in a hierarchy with various properties associated with the object type. New schemas are being created all the time with the goal of creating the most detailed and descriptive vocabulary. 

As there are too many schema object types and properties to list and potential to create, Huckabuy’s software focuses on implementing the most impactful and robust schema objects, specific to a website, through its automated structured data markup

Google’s Rich Result Object Types

Listed below are all the object types that Google deems eligible for features and enhancements ( aka Rich Results ) in Google SERPs. The features and enhancements populating in the SERPs will differ depending on the object type and its included properties (data attributes).