Huckabuy’s Structured Data & Javascript Installation 

How does Huckabuy’s Structured Data via Javascript work?

Huckabuy software is made up of two separate mechanisms. One runs on our servers and the other is an integration point on a client’s website. The client’s website must contain the javascript provided by Huckabuy.

Once installed, the customer pages will dynamically create always-up-to-date structured data. On our servers, we update and refine our SD mechanisms based on changes in Google’s behavior and ensure optimal performance of theses dynamically added data. 

Does Huckabuy’s Javascript collect (and monetize) data from a client’s site? 

No, our integration performs without any input from visitors. No cookies; no sessions; no tracking. No information from users is ever accessed or stored by our application or our team. Therefore Huckabuy’s product is compliant with any privacy acts such as the CCPA, security auditors rejoice! 

Huckabuy’s Javascript can be Installed either by HTML or Google Tag Manager

To install via HTML 

Copy the HTML code (javascript) provided and add it to the <head> section of your website. 

Verify the installation by clicking on the Verify link. This will tell you if the JS has been properly installed and if it should be optimized by placing it higher on the page. 

To install via Google Tag Manager

If you utilize Google Tag Manager (GTM, you can go about placing our script by adding it to your GTM container by the following steps. 

Optimizations & Verification Tool 

Huckabuy’s Javascript Slowing page speed down 

Page speed decreases are relatively minimal, but in the case of optimizing the use of our JavaScript, or to appease page-speed reports, we recommend using the “defer” attribute in your script tag.

I’m having trouble with the verification step – what do I do? 

If you have only installed the script on a subset of pages and not including the home page then the verification tool will report the Javascript as not installed.You can confirm installation by inspecting the specific URL for the JS or by using Google’s SDTT. If you definitely have the script installed and it’s not fully verifying, utilize the support desk and a team member will assist you.