Huckabuy WordPress Plugin

The best fully automated structured data plugin for WordPress.

Simple pricing for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, our software will work well for you.


Provides a limited amount of automated structured data object types.

  • Basic markup
  • One rich result eligible object type
  • Dashboard Analytics



Fully automated solution with all structured data object types

  • Monthly subscription
  • Includes only one subdomain
  • All eligible markup
  • 1 automated site analysis request per month
  • Dashboard Analytics with Search Console integration
  • Customer support email



For even the biggest enterprise companies, Huckabuy will work for you.

  • Includes primary domain and all subdomains
  • Support for non-WordPress websites
  • All eligible markup
  • 5 automated site analysis requests per month
  • Dashboard Analytics with Search Console integration
  • Enterprise support contact
  • 24/7 monitoring

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Get the most out of your website

Take advantage of Huckabuy to unlock the power of automated structured data

Superior Product

Huckabuy provides a fully automated solution so you don't need to spend the hours configuring and maintaining it.

Our software will do a full site analysis to find any valuable rich result opportunities and also generate the structured data objects.


Google holds a high standard for structured data in order to generate Rich Results. Our software holds the same high standard to ensure the structured data objects it creates are approved by Google.

When generating your own structured data, it is easy to make mistakes that Google is quick to penalize.

Structured Data Should Be Simple

You shouldn't need to manually configure each object on your website, our automated analysis will create top quality structured data with zero configuration.

We integrate directly to your WordPress website and automatically add top quality, rich result eligible structured data objects to your entire website.