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Huckabuy is changing SEO with software products that are fully aligned with key Google initiatives – now and in the future.

What can Huckabuy do for your business?

Our SEO platform delivers Google’s “Perfect World” where websites are built in flat html, pages load instantly, and contain world-class structured data. Additionally, our SEO Specialists constantly monitor the landscape for further alignment opportunities. This combination of cutting-edge software aligned with Google, data from traditional SEO tools, and analyst recommendations yields significant growth in the organic search channel.

When I started this thing, I noticed there wasn't a lot of performance-based software out there. You know, the SEO space is largely services driven by agencies and consultants. Meanwhile, the software side of things is mostly analytical with rank trackers and site crawlers. So to have something that you can turn live to help drive growth for a website is a pretty rare thing. And for that annual growth to be 62% on average, that's something I'm really proud of."

Founder and CEO Geoff Atkinson Tweet

Our Mission

Your website will rank higher for your desired keywords, and you will displace competitors who rank above your site for those search terms today.

Your pages will get more organic search traffic, and convert better due to faster load times and improved user experience.

Search engines will easily understand what your website is all about and Google will index your pages for more keywords relevant to your business.

Our target customer is anyone interested in increasing their organic search traffic.

Geoff Atkinson, Founder and CEO of Huckabuy Tweet

Huckabuy Customers


Huckabuy's unique use of structured data to communicate with search engines is very impressive. They are focused on the future, and I'm glad they are doing it.

Tom Chi
Co-founder of google x

Huckabuy transformed organic search into our highest revenue-generating channel.

Tyler weir
Chief marketing officer
at 360 blue

Huckabuy made quickly improving organic search results simple.

Ed Marshall
Marketing Director
at Risk Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

A: It is a marketing solution that helps you manage, measure, and grow your businesses’ presence in organic search channels. A good platform pairs state-of-the-art software with world-class services to fully optimize content strategy and search engine optimization tactics. 

A: Stand-alone tools address specific tactics in isolation, like keyword research or link building. Furthermore, you need expertise, time, and resources to leverage them well. Platforms provide an integrated “big picture” for strategy and solutions. They are also more automated and frictionless, so you can delegate fewer resources and focus on core competencies instead.

A: They set you up for success in the organic search channel. A good platform defines your target market, investigates your competition, tracks organic rankings and visibility, optimizes content, and reports on insights from the field. The best platforms incorporate each of these elements through a combination of automated software, expert analysis, and data-driven recommendations from a Specialist team.

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