The new approach to SEO.

“SEO in the vacation rental space is VERY competitive. InvitedHome is going up against HomeAway, VRBO, and Airbnb. Since implementing Huckabuy and working with their team, we are now growing 83% in organic search growth year over year. ”

We are obsessed with aligning our company with Google. We do so in two simple ways:

Machine-to-Machine Learning

For years and years and still today for 99% of the internet, Google is the only machine doing the learning. However, now you can talk to Google as effectively as you talk to your customers. This is done through a language called Structured Data Markup. Huckabuy automates Structured Data Markup - allowing searching engines to understand your website much more than they ever have before. The more they understand, the greater your search exposure.

Real-time, Fresh Content

The importance of fresh content for organic search success has been an obvious and glaring fact for some time now. However, content is expensive. Huckabuy has developed a content curation tool, HuckNews, that allows you to add relevant content to your site in the same time it takes to generate a social media post. Imagine a news feed of relevant content pumping throughout your website.

Our Solution: Two products. Unlimited potential.

Machine to Machine Learning

Automated Structured Data Markup

We’ve built the world’s only automated structured data markup software. If you want your site to be understood by search engines as well as your visitors, this is the solution. Our software can be deployed in minutes and if you’re interested in a quick boost in search results, start here.

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Real Time Content

Content Curation Tool - HuckNews

Our HuckNews tool makes it easier than ever to generate authoritative content quickly – keeping your website fresh and increasing your search rankings.

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Our Promise:
What You're Paying For Will Actually Work

  • Your website will rank higher.
  • Search engines will easily understand what your website is all about.
  • Results can be seen and measured.
  • No leap of faith. No second-guessing.

See what Huckabuy can do for your business.

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