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With our new Cloudflare partnership, Huckabuy's SEO Platform is dialed to create the fastest, most efficient communication with search engines on the market.

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Huckabuy is a SaaS company pioneering a technology-based approach to SEO. Our software automates key Google initiatives, like dynamic rendering and structured data markup, to create the perfect crawl experience and drive organic channel growth for businesses.

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Huckabuy Software And Services

SEO Cloud

Leverages Google’s dynamic rendering initiative to serve a version of your website optimized for the perfect crawling experience. Search Bots are able to load pages faster and crawl and index more content.

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Automated Structured Data Markup

Leverages Google’s structured data initiative to help Search Bots understand content and qualify your search results for features that improve appearance, functionality, and visibility.

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SEO Reporting Dashboard

Provides reporting and analysis on aggregated Search Console data, Google’s crawling behavior, the health of your structured data markup, and the status of your website on SEO Cloud among other features.

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Technical SEO Specialists

Specialists provide ongoing monthly recommendations on traditional tactics, like keyword research and site navigation optimization, to maximize software performance and overall website SEO.

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"Huckabuy’s unique use of structured data to communicate with search engines is impressive. They are focused on the future and I’m glad they are doing it."

- Tom Chi, Co-Founder of Google X

Trusted by some of the biggest names in business.

The Technical SEO Revolution Is Here

It’s time to set aside tactics that stopped working years ago and try technology. What are you waiting for? The best user experience on the internet is worthless if Search Bots can’t crawl and index your content.

Our software creates Google’s Perfect World on your website to queue up the perfect conversation with Search Bots and grow your organic channel:

  • Flat HTML
  • Fast Page Speed
  • Structured Data Markup
  • Edge delivery of content
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"Our target customer is anyone interested in increasing their organic search traffic."
- Geoff Atkinson, Founder & CEO of Huckabuy