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The 2021 Google update is all about site performance

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What you'll learn in this video

  • How page speed impacts business
  • How to define page speed
  • Factors that impact page speed
  • Key metrics to focus on for user experience
  • The impact of page speed on SEO
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Only 15% of websites operate at an acceptable level of site performance

That’s why we built the Huckabuy Cloud — to give all types of businesses peace of mind when it comes to addressing technical SEO issues like site performance.

Our software leverages Google’s latest technical SEO initiatives to solve for the most important Core Web Vitals - largest contentful paint and first input delay.


Is Huckabuy Cloud it simple?

Yes. All improvements occur automatically.

Is Huckabuy Cloud setup easy?

Yes. In most cases, all that is required is a DNS change.

Is Huckabuy Cloud it for marketers?

Yes. You don’t have to be an engineer to use this platform.

What is the 2021 Google algorithm update all about?

It emphasizes the importance of user experience — how quickly and reliably visitors are able to see and interact with the most important content on your website.

Will this update add new ranking factors?

Yes! They will be referred to as “Core Web Vitals” that measure the speed, responsiveness, and stability of your website.

How important are they?

If you have good content and your competitors have good content, this is the one of those ranking factors that will act as a sort of tie breaker.

What options do I have to address them?

Technical SEO is hard. Unless you have a lot of development resources and the patience to build these solutions in-house, we recommend outsourcing the job to our software

Where else can I learn more about this update?

We have written a post detailing everything you need to know about the update here.

How can I tell if my site is ready for the 2021 Google Update?

We offer a free technical SEO analysis which includes: 1. Competitive Opportunities, 2. Structured Data Opportunities, 3. Rich Results Opportunities, 4. Dynamic Rendering Opportunities, 5. Page Speed Opportunities. Click here to get your free analysis!