Dynamic Rendering

Software for the perfect rendering experience.

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The problem Dynamic Rendering software solves

Front end website development is creating a better experience for the human visitor, at the expense of search engines.

Many websites are hard for Google to understand and crawl. As a result, they are not indexed properly and lose organic search traffic.

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Understanding Dynamic Rendering

It is one of the most important Google initiatives in the last decade.

  • Serve a version of your website optimized for Search Bots
  • Also serve a version of your website optimized for humans
  • Dynamic renderer serves a version based on what calls it
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How Dynamic Rendering Works

Our software service leveraging Google’s dynamic rendering initiative.

  • Each page is converted into flat HTML
  • World-class structured data markup is added
  • Content is hosted in caching layers for easy, instantaneous access
  • Served at the edge across a global network of 200 servers for
    the fastest, most efficient crawling experience
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Benefits of Dynamic Rendering

The perfect crawling experience that leads to organic channel growth.

  • Google loads pages faster
  • Google sees more content
  • Increases in pages indexed
  • Increases in ranking keywords, impressions, and clicks
  • Stress-free development operations
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Dynamic Rendering Insights

We monitor key metrics through our SEO Analytics Dashboard that
report on Google’s relationship with your website.

  • Pages Crawled per Day
  • Kilobytes Downloaded per Day
  • Time Spent Downloading Pages
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Dynamic Rendering?

Huckabuy’s Dynamic Rendering is a software service that leverages all of Google’s technical initiatives to help websites with lots of dynamic content generate more organic search traffic. With Dynamic Rendering, you get the same experience loading a website no matter where you are in the world.

What is dynamic rendering and why is it important for SEO?

Dynamic rendering is the process of converting complicated web pages into flat HTML with a structured data packet and pages stored in a caching layer at the top of a page so they are instantly accessible for Search Bots.

Simultaneously, the user-facing content and website remain unaffected. Dynamic rendering is important for SEO because it queues up the optimal crawling experience for Search Bots.

When Search Bots can crawl faster and understand your site easier, you will do better in the organic search channel.

Why should Javascript be optimized for Google?

Google is struggling to keep up with an ever-changing, complex internet. Front-end website development is constantly advancing to create a better experience for the human visitor, all while making things more difficult for Search Bots.

Complex coding languages such as Javascript create numerous issues for Search Bots. When complex webpages take too long to crawl, this can lead to partially indexed sites that aren’t sufficiently understood by Google, resulting in missed opportunities to harness valuable organic search traffic.

How does Dynamic Rendering work?

Huckabuy’s Dynamic Rendering converts pages into flat HTML, adds structured data markup, hosts content in caching layers for easy, instant access, and serves it all at the edge for fast delivery and the best crawling experience for search engines.

What robots does Huckabuy talk to?

Huckabuy is created primarily for optimizing conversations with Google, however we also respond to: Microsoft, Yandex, Baidu, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, and Slack. Also be aware, if you're using a WAF configuration on edge, like CloudFlare's, those mechanisms will occur before the requests interact with Huckabuy. For example, if your WAF blocks Pinterest, Huckabuy will never have a chance to interact with those requests.

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