Huckabuy’s Legacy Server integration is comprised of a change to your origin solution. When certain conditions are met Huckabuy’s servers will be utilized as the “origin server”. The on-boarding process requires a code change that is specific and dependent on the web server technology that is in use. When on-boarding a Huckabuy Engineer will provide your team with custom documentation relevant to your tech stack that outlines all the necessary steps to launch dynamic rendering through our Legacy server. 

Post integration, Huckabuy Cloud servers will return an optimized version of the requested resource. In the event that content isn’t available, these servers proxy the request back to the original source. 

Pros and Cons 

With our Legacy integration a website can integrate with a wide variety of backend tech stacks and there isn’t a Cloudflare or Cloudfront dependency required. 

Huckabuy’s Dynamic Rendering product is the only one available when integrating with our Legacy Server. Customers lose the opportunity to optimize their site with the features and enhancements of Cloud at Edge and Page Speed products. 

With Legacy, the customer retains the authority of which requests receive an optimized response and which do not.

Given the nuances of this integration version, with its required specific code change, the on-boarding process is more complex and involved than Huckabuy’s Cloud alternative integration versions, for example our API integration. 

Due to the origin solution change to deliver optimized pages, the speed is timelier as it requires an extra round trip to our multi-tenant delivery server.

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