Employer Aggregate Rating Rich Results

Employer Aggregate Rating Rich ResultThis markup can assist job searches with choosing a job by providing ratings about a hiring organization. It creates eligibility for prime brand placement within Google’s enriched job search experience. If you are an organization that collects user-generated ratings and reviews about various hiring organizations, this structured data markup is recommended. 

 Rich Result Example


What does your webpage need? 

The page must contain user-generated ratings that are visible on-page to the users and your site must host those ratings. The rating must also be specific to a hiring organization. 

  • bestRating: a numerical value of the highest score that can be given and the highest score on your rating scale
  • itemReviewed: Organization – this represents the company that is being rated by the user 
  • ratingCount: the number of ratings that have been collected for the Organization on your site 
  • ratingValue: the aggregate score of all the ratings for the Organization on your site
  • worstRating: the lowest score that could be given for the organization and the lowest score on your rating scale.