Fact Check Rich Results

Fact Check Rich Results

Imagine a page that evaluates the claim that the earth is flat. Here is what a search for “the world is flat” might look like in Google Search results if the page provides a ClaimReview element (note that the actual visual design may change):

Fact Check Rich Results Example:


What your site will need:

  • Claim Reviewed – A short summary of the claim being evaluated. Try to keep this less than 75 characters to minimize wrapping when displayed on a mobile device.
  • Rating – The assessment of the claim. This object supports both a numeric and a textual assessment. The textual value is currently the only value shown in search results.Different fact-checking projects have a variety of rating schemes that can have subtle differences, particularly for intermediate values. It is important to document such rating schemes to clarify the meaning of the numeric ratings. Minimally, there should be a number to the text rating system for all your fact checks that carry numeric scores.1 = “False”
    2 = “Mostly false”
    3 = “Half true”
    4 = “Mostly true”
    5 = “True”
  • URL – Link to the page hosting the full article of the fact check. 

For full documentation on Fact Check structured data visit: