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Manually editing your metadata can take a great deal of time. Huckabuy Metadata Editor streamlines the process of editing your metadata — and anyone can use it.

Why Use Meta Data for SEO?

Metadata is a series of micro-communications between your site and processing systems like search engines.
Applying metadata to your website gives you more control over how Google crawls, indexes, and ranks your websites.

Featured Benefits

  • Easily edit SEO titles and meta descriptions
  • Add SEO optimizations across your site in bulk
  • 49 Available Optimizations
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seo improvements with meta data

Understanding Metadata

  • Endorsed by Google
  • Helps search engines contextualize and understand content
  • Provides information to your browser and other processing systems

How Huckabuy Metadata Editor Works

Our software requires no ongoing backend development from your team.
Just drop the snippet of Javascript code on your site to get started.

  • Eliminate costs of manual implementation
  • Eliminate risk of errors associated with manual implementation
  • Eliminate ongoing technical maintenance required

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