Park City startup, Huckabuy, takes aim at disrupting the $333 billion paid media market by finally solving the black box of SEO.

Huckabuy completes $2.3 million seed round, announces new board members.

Park City, UT – February 4th, 2020 – Huckabuy, the Park City startup reinventing search engine optimization through software, announced a $2.3 million seed round was finalized in December, led by Album, with participation from Kickstart Seed Fund and Forward VC. Huckabuy is bringing innovation to an industry with an NPS score of zero by technically and automatically aligning their customer’s websites to Google’s latest algorithms, enabling companies to capture significant organic traffic growth rather than spending millions in advertising. 

After five years of bootstrapped growth under the Founder and CEO, Geoff Atkinson, formerly SVP of Marketing at, the company boasts brands such as Salesforce and SAP as customers that have been reaping the benefits of Huckabuy’s software. The average customer using Huckabuy’s software has experienced an astonishing 61% growth in organic search visits in 12 months.

In conjunction with the funding, Huckabuy now has a newly-formed 3 member board including Geoff, industry veteran Robson Grieve, CMO of Pure Storage and former CMO of New Relic, and Diogo Myrrha, General Partner at Album.

“The purpose of Huckabuy is to give Google the perfect experience when they crawl our customer’s websites. Huckabuy simply listens to Google, builds software accordingly and our customers grow like crazy as a result. We’ve been waiting on taking venture investment because we were looking for the right partner. We finally found that partner in Diogo. Credit to him, he’s changing venture capital in Utah.” – Geoff Atkinson, Founder and CEO, Huckabuy

“We feel privileged to back Geoff in this transformational concept. Our overarching thesis is that the paid advertising world is broken, and as we dug into this problem, it became clear that SEO was extremely undervalued. The best leads, the best growth, and the best ROI comes from SEO. The only way to solve it is by going back to search’s original roots in organic results. Paid media isn’t sustainable in the long run, but volume in organic search is, and that is what Huckabuy brings to its customers.” – Diogo Myrrha, General Partner, Album

“A modern growth strategy is built around organic search. This has been a manual process delivering inconsistent results. Huckabuy’s software-driven approach is going to make it possible for more companies to make organic traffic and earned media the core of their strategy.” – Robson Grieve, CMO, Pure Storage

Huckabuy’s secret sauce is following Google’s large scale algorithm trends. These include mobile, voice search, the importance of structured data markup, and most recently their introduction of dynamic rendering, allowing a website to give Google a different version of the site to crawl. Huckabuy’s two products, automated structured data markup and Huckabuy Cloud, have solved these technical challenges, allowing a website to communicate perfectly with search engines. 

“Everyone is focused on the UI/UX of humans. Huckabuy focuses on the UI/UX of Google. It’s pretty simple. If you talk to Google correctly, you will grow.” – Geoff Atkinson, Founder and CEO, Huckabuy