Guide to Structured Data in Huckabuy Dashboard

In order to get full value out of our dashboard, it’s important that you as a customer can understand the information being presented to you when you navigate to the different views available within it. When you click on structured data in the left-hand navigational menu you will see a page like this:

It’s important to note that your page may display a different number or set of Structured Data Objects; this is normal expected behavior, as each customer may have different elements eligible for markup. When you toggle an individual Object on the left the “Export Report” button on the right will change to “Export Filtered Report” (clicking the button when it’s displaying “Export Report” will default to generating a report on every eligible Structured Data Object and which URL’s they are marked up on) and will be configured to generate a report of URL’s where we’ve marked up that specific object. You can verify that the report is only configured for that object by checking the text that is now displayed above the “Export Filtered Report” button, as seen below: