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Much More Than a Reporting Tool

There is a tendency for marketers and other business professionals to assume reporting and performance dashboards are there primarily to make their lives easier and save them time in driving results. And, yes, there are time-saving aspects to these reporting tools, but they only drive growth for organizations if they’re backed by expertise and investment in strategies and resources.

The limitation of many SEO analytics tools is that they don’t do anything to actually move the needle for your company. They might provide some valuable insight, and they’ll help you form a strategy for your marketing and SEO efforts, but you’re not going to see growth simply by purchasing the software. 

Huckabuy sells automated SEO software that move the needle.

Huckabuy’s structured data, dynamic rendering, and page speed solutions actually move the needle by technically optimizing your site for search engines to crawl and index it effectively. All you need to do is go through the onboarding process and you can mark these three aspects of technical SEO off of your SEO checklist, knowing everything will be completely automated and monitored by our expert support team. 

Our Dashboard also provides a suite of tools that will give you control of your Huckabuy software and also help you get the most out of each individual product. These tools all enable you to not only see that our software is live and running on your website, but they enable you to control which pages it’s applied to and turn it on and off. Here’s a list of control tools you’ll be able to access via the Huckabuy Dashboard. Keep in mind, the control features will reflect which software products your team has purchased.

SEO Software Control Tools:

  • Edge Cache Purge — purge a specific URL or an entire website from Huckabuy’s Edge Cache locations
  • URL Index upload — add a URL to Huckabuy’s Index.
  • Huckabuy Cloud Toggle — pause Huckabuy Cloud.
  • Render Controls — control which pages are dynamically rendered and check render status.
  • Page Speed Controls — turn page speed off and on for individual pages.

Monitor SEO Results with the Huckabuy Reporting and Performance Dashboard

We are so confident that our software will move the needle for your company that we have included a Reporting and Performance feature in our Dashboard to complement our product so that you can visualize exactly how Huckabuy software is driving growth.  

With our Reporting and Performance Dashboard, you’ll have access to data that’s constantly being updated. You’ll be able to apply various filters so that you can view precisely the information you are looking for and you can download PDF documentation of your reports straight from your Dashboard. 

Organic Performance Metrics on the Huckabuy Dashboard: 

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Keywords
  • Rich Clicks 
  • Rich Impressions

In addition to these metrics, customers that have structured data applied to their website will see examples of rich snippets in the performance tab of the Dashboard.

You don’t have to make assumptions about what our software is doing for your site. See for yourself.