How Easy is It?

Huckabuy offers multiple options for integrating with our Huckabuy Cloud product, with the goal of making integration as seamless and applicable as possible. Each integration’s utilization is dependent on the domain, site size, and Cloudflare account access; these factors will help guide the optimal integration version for your site.

Migrating to Cloud

Huckabuy’s most widely used integration versions, dependent on domain and site size, entail four steps to completion. Discover more about this version’s requirements and process.

Using Huckabuy via Cloudflare’s API

For domains with a Cloudflare account, integrating is as simple as providing Cloudfare credentials when on-boarding.

Using Huckabuy through our Legacy Server

A more intricate integration process involving a change to your origin solution, this method has Huckabuy’s Dynamic Rendering product available with it.

Installing the Huckabuy Structured Data Script

This guide will provide your team with two methods of installing Huckabuy’s Javascript for Structured Data and the ability to verify the installation instantly.