Huckabuy partners with Cloudflare to make the perfect version of your website immediately available for Google’s index.

For Immediate Release – Park City, UT – April 8th, 2020

This partnership leverages the number one technical SEO solution powered on top of one of the most advanced global cloud platforms for exceptional improvements in page loading speed for Bots.

Huckabuy drives business growth by creating the perfect crawling experience for Search Bots. Cloudflare drives business growth by providing security, performance, and reliability services from one single cloud platform. Huckabuy chose Cloudflare’s serverless edge computing platform, Cloudflare Workers, to power the Huckabuy Cloud – to create the fastest, most efficient crawl experience for Search Bots. 

“We could have partnered with anybody. We did our research and chose Cloudflare because they are the best in the business. Furthermore, people genuinely seem to love the idea they can ditch their old CDN, if they even had one, and acquire so many benefits hosted under a single Huckabuy line-item.” – Chase Mathewson, CTO at Huckabuy

One of the greatest challenges of SEO has been perfecting the conversation between a website and Search Bots. Google has always struggled to crawl, understand, and index dynamic content. Now by deploying Huckabuy’s solution to Cloudflare edge data centers across 200 cities in 90 countries, Huckabuy Cloud software can render websites for Search Bots at speeds faster than Google. Likewise, user page speed is improved via Javascript minification, image optimization, intelligent network routing, and edge caching. 

“Marc Andreesen once said that ‘software is eating the world’.  No industry is immune. We think this partnership signals that the time has come for that innovative disruption in the SEO industry.” – Geoff Atkinson, Founder-CEO at Huckabuy

This partnership also creates the easiest way for customers to integrate with Huckabuy’s suite of cutting-edge SEO services and reporting features. The installation often only requires a simple DNS change and customers are equipped with the best global cloud platform on the internet – satisfying security, performance, and reliability standards at scale and without any tradeoffs.

“Our global cloud platform simultaneously delivers on security, performance, and reliability. We are excited to have an integrated technical SEO partner use Cloudflare Workers, so businesses can leverage a suite of worldclass technical SEO services, at scale, without any tradeoffs.” – Amin Fawzi, Partnerships at Cloudflare