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It takes a different kind of company to create a different kind of software.

Huckabuy is the software brain child of Geoff Atkinson, the former Senior Vice President of Marketing and Analytics at Overstock.com. We are located in beautiful Park City, UT and find that to be an advantage. Our clients sure do like to visit us!
Looking for a reputable job and yet pulling off being a ski bum is what brought Geoff to Utah. It was UT or New Zealand. $1.2 billion dollars later in revenue responsibility at Overstock.com, life had changed a lot.

Of all the things that Geoff did at Overstock, SEO has always had a special place in his heart. The return on investment on SEO was so far beyond any other channel and Overstock literally couldn't spend enough on the channel.

With Huckabuy Geoff saw the SEO industry as being mainly reactive to Google's algorithm updates. He decided to make software that was more predictive and aligned with Google's future direction.
Park City Huckabuy

How did Huckabuy get its name?

We get this question a lot at Huckabuy and it's a great story.

Huckabuy is named after founder Geoff Atkinson's nephew, Huck Anderson, shown here getting his haircut. When Huck was young, his mom used to call him "Huckabuy." One Christmas the whole family was together in Park City, UT and Geoff was looking for domain names. His sister called Huck "Huckabuy" and his mother said "why not try that Geoff?" It wasn't taken, so Geoff bought the domain huckabuy.com.

This was years before Huckabuy was founded, but when it came time to find the right name, we went through the list of all the domains we owned. Everyone just loved "Huckabuy" and so that became our name.

Board of Directors

Geoff Atkinson

Founder & CEO

Prior to Huckabuy, Geoff was Senior VP of Marketing for Overstock.com (Nasdaq: OSTK). There he leveraged SEO to increase growth by $300M. At Overstock Geoff managed everything from pricing algorithms, to SEO content generation, to buying rain jackets in New York City’s garment district. In 2007, Geoff was named to Advertising Age's top 40 under 40 and went on to become the Senior Vice President of Marketing, CRM, and Analytics, a role he would flourish in for over three years.

As a former ski racer for Dartmouth Collge, Utah was a desirable relocation due to the work/play balance. He currently resides in Park City, where he skis and hikes with his wife and chocolate lab. Huckabuy and his family remain his top priorities.

Chris Himes

Board Member

Chris is the managing director at Bristlecone Capital, which makes a broad range of investments in social enterprises, startups, and real estate. Additionally, Chris serves on a handful of boards and advisory boards including Classy, The Trust for Public Land, and Superlative Films, among others. Prior to Bristlecone, Chris as an executive at enterprise cloud computing leader salesforce.com (NYSE: CRM), which grew 10x during in his six year tenure.

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