SEO Specialists

A team of experienced and technically-proficient analysts who make recommendations that optimize our software and improve overall SEO for customers

World-Class Software Optimization and Recommendations

A robust SEO strategy leads with science and supplements with art. At Huckabuy, we lean heavily on the science by offering fully-automated software products, while leaving the art to our SEO Specialist team.

What is the Huckabuy SEO Specialist team?

Our team is comprised of experienced and technically proficient analysts who make recommendations that optimize our software’s performance and improve overall SEO for clients.


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Why do we have a team?

Because there is a level of art to SEO that shouldn’t be overlooked. Huckabuy’s software works best when it’s implemented properly and enhanced by traditional tactics like keyword research-backed content and SEO-friendly site navigation. By working with this team, you will receive a Specialist who provides ongoing insights and recommendations for optimal software performance and website SEO.


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What does the relationship look like?

We begin with a meeting to understand your business goals and agree upon performance metrics. Next, we ensure the software is implemented correctly. This is followed by an Opportunity Analysis to determine an optimization strategy for further site improvement. From then on, bi-weekly meetings are held to review performance and to address ongoing service-based initiatives.


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What are the benefits?

Our Specialists are non-billable entities included in the flat-rate price of your software agreement. They are adaptable to any team structure and level of involvement. Our team’s success is measured on improving your organic search performance instead of growing our bottom line with unnecessary services that aren’t in your best interest.


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Huckabuy Products Are Supported By A Dedicated SEO Specialist

Dedicated SEO Specialist

Every Huckabuy customer is assigned a Specialist to provide an opportunity analysis, strategic keyword research, and ongoing content strategy.

Reports & Fresh Content

Your Specialist will provide monthly reports and SEO opportunities so you can continuously improve your search exposure and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Frequent Diagnostics

Think of your Specialist like a mechanic who monitors both your website and our products to keep them both running in top form at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: A typical Specialist analyzes, reviews, and recommends changes to a website so they are optimized for search engines and software. The priority of the Specialist is to increase qualified traffic to a website and that website’s ranking and appearance on results pages. A good Specialist has an in-depth understanding and experience with technical, on-page, and off-page SEO tactics.

A: SEO services include technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO, SEO monitoring, and SEO software optimization. 

  • Examples of technical SEO services include fixing broken links and ensuring mobile-friendliness.
  • Examples of on-page SEO services include strategic keyword research and internal link building.
  • Examples of off-page SEO services include outbound link strategy and link building.
  • Examples of local SEO services include strategic local keyword research and comprehensive online local business listings.
  • Examples of SEO monitoring services include regular reporting on target metrics and landmarks for organic search channel building.
  • Examples of SEO software optimization include strategic analysis and recommendations for structured data markup opportunities.

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