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The Importance of Structured Data

Google is the market leader in search and their algorithm dictates how much traffic your web pages receive. This makes their Search Bot the most important visitor to your site. As the internet has grown more complex, Google has taken steps to establish order and signaled their preference for website content to be marked up in a machine learning language called structured data. Structured data contextualize content and authoritatively communicates to search engines what your website is all about. Google rewards this markup by qualifying your content for a new organic search experience called rich results, which maximize your visibility in this channel.

What is Huckabuy Structured Data Markup Software?

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Huckabuy’s automated structured data software addresses one of the most important components of Google’s search algorithm by providing continuous and effective optimization of your website for search engines through world-class markup in the JSON-LD format. It’s authoritative, factual, and because it’s integrated in a certain way, it qualifies you content for enhanced features on search result pages. Our software requires no ongoing development from your staff. Just drop the code on your site and watch it go to work.

Key Benefits

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World-Class Expertise

We do this for a living. Structured data must be implemented correctly or it can do more harm than good. 

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A Fully Automated Solution

Huckabuy structured data is fully automated, which saves time for your marketing team to focus on core competencies.

Structured Data Questions

A: Structured data is an authoritative vocabulary that makes your website easier for search engines to understand. Structured data contextualize content for search engines, so they can accurately match it to relevant search queries.

A: Structured data works by using agreed-upon methods of defining information to label webpages. is the official vocabulary of structured data that is embedded on webpages for context and meaning, and JSON-LD is the format used to embed this markup. This combination of markup in the JSON-LD format is the preferred method of search engines for understanding website content.

A: Search engines are trying to serve the most relevant links to satisfy queries. With structured data, you are helping search engines target your content to the right people in search results. Also, when your content is marked up with structured data, search engines qualify it for rich results in organic search, which further improves your reputation and visibility, and directs more qualified traffic to your website.

A: It is not easy or cost-effective. If you have a developer do it, it takes hours of work. They have to go through every page on your website and manually add it in. And depending on the size of your website, that could translate to thousands or tens of thousands of labor dollars. Furthermore, when Google inevitably changes the criteria for structured data, you have to repeat the process all over again. It is a never-ending cycle.

A: We supply a small snippet of Javascript code through a tag manager such as GTM to add markup to each page of your website. Our solution requires no ongoing maintenance from your staff. Drop our line of Javascript code into the header of your website and watch it go to work. Huckabuy’s fully automated structured data software provides continuous and effective optimization of your website through world-class markup in the JSON-LD format. When Google changes the criteria for structured data, within a matter of hours, our software detects it and rewrites the script accordingly.

A: We recommend implementing structured data immediately because it’s the easiest way to start getting wins and it’s exactly what Google wants. Even if you are considering or preparing for a website redesign, there is no reason to postpone. The implementation can happen immediately and when the redesign is complete, our software automatically repopulates structured data on the new site. 

A: Google’s objective is to rank websites accurately so searchers can satisfy their queries faster and more conveniently. Voice results cater to this objective by improving the user experience. Content that improves the user experience will experience higher rankings in relevant Google SERPs and increased website traffic. Additionally, this is the fastest-growing form of search, so If you want to stay current and reach a wider base of customers, optimizing your content for voice is critical.

A: Search engines are progressing towards full audio browsing capability. Google, for example, is testing a speakable-specific markup type for content intended to be spoken aloud. Adding structured data markup allows search engines to identify content for assistants to read aloud in results. For example, when users search for local businesses, they often look for things like operational hours, contact information, address, and directions. Structured data organizes and classifies this content so that search engines can reproduce key information in voice results.

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