What is a rich result? 

A rich result is an enhanced listing in Google search results that goes beyond the standard blue link to include visual elements like images, rating stars, and carousels.

Video Title: Introduction to Rich Results

How to get rich results in SERP’s with Huckabuy’s Structured Data Software

First, you need to determine what rich results will benefit your website in search results. Here is a list of the Rich Results that populate in Google Search: 

Click on a specific item for easy implementation instructions that work with Huckabuy’s Structured Data Software 

CourseCritic ReviewDataset (Beta)Employer Aggregate RatingLogo
Fact CheckJob PostingFAQLocal BusinessRecipe
How-toOccupation/Estimated SalaryProductQ&A PageSpeakable (Beta)
Review SnippetSitelinks SearchboxVideoSoftware AppSubscription & Paywalled Content